Team yoga focuses on the physical and mental benefits of yoga and can be the catalyst to unite a team on a common journey.

stress reduction, enhanced sense of well-being and personal introspection 

increase strength, flexibility, agility and stamina

overall circulatory health for the heart, ligaments and joints 

Our goal is to create a judgement-free environment that encourages team accountability and fosters a commitment of teammates to one another on and off the field, wrestling mat, court, or track.

By incorporating team-building through both physically intense and restorative asanas (postures), and melding motivational and inspirational methodologies, we create a foundation of strong work ethic and passion.

Students learn how to connect their breath to movement, which in turn calms the central nervous system and provides them with the ability to stay calm and breath through the physical and mental challenges they are sure to face. 

Support, unity, and accountability to your teammates is woven throughout each 60-minute session,

which in turn instills a sense of pride and community. Athletes discover that the benefits of their practice translates far beyond the four corners of their mat and leave our sessions feeling strong, encouraged, inspired and ready to show up for themselves, their teammates, their coaches, and their community. It all starts with the individual, but that energy feeds into the team and we're just here to fan the flames.

improved concentration and focus

WHY TEAM YOGA? by gyrlbrett