Saturday, 06/20/20, 6:45-9:45pm


Mukilteo LIghthouse Beach

609 Front St, Mukilteo WA 98275



$40, link for payment to be posted

Join Brett Parker and Jeni Tracy as we celebrate the summer solstice with the cleansing and invigorating ancient yogic tradition of 108 Sun Salutations. We will flow through the sunset, ending our practice with closing yin postures and a guided meditation.


This will be a challenging practice consisting of six rounds of sun salutations (modifications will be offered) 

*six alternating rounds of 18 Surya Namaskar As (sun salutation A) and 18 Surya Namaskar Bs (sun salutation B)

Whether you complete all 108 or not, you are sure to leave feeling rejuvenated and lighter, with a deeper understanding of the impact of this ancient ritual.


What's included?

108 bead mala, fruit and electrolyte replacement included with each registration

Why do 108 sun salutations?

It’s a powerful experience that will stretch you and leave your yoga practice changed. It is believed that the fire (internal heat) that you build during this practice is cleansing and detoxifying, and provides the gift of introspection and the ability to connect to your inner self in a powerful way.

Sun Salutations heat the body and activate prana (or upward energy), providing an opportunity to create and move energy and stuck emotions.

Along with being an incredible way to detox physically and mentally, completing 108 sun salutations is a memorable gesture to mark the beginning of winter and welcome the changes of physical and spiritual seasons. 


Whether you complete all 108 or not, you are sure to leave feeling rejuvenated and lighter, with a deeper understanding of the impact of this ancient ritual.


What is the significance of the number 108?

The number’s significance is open to interpretation. But 108 has long been considered a sacred number in Hinduism and yoga. This practice is linked to the belief that 108 is a sacred number:

*the number 108 appears in ancient, sacred texts; there are 108 Upanishads (spiritual texts) and Tantras

*in numerology, 108 equals 9, which symbolizes universal love, eternity and awakening

*there are 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet. Each has masculine and feminine, shiva and shakti. 54 times 2 is 108

*the chakras are the intersections of energy lines, and there are said to be a total of 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra. One of them, sushumna leads to the crown chakra, and is said to be the path to self-realization.

*in Ayurveda, there are 108 sacred points on the body (Marma points)

*according to yogic tradition, there are 108 pithas, or sacred sites, throughout India

*renowned mathematicians of Vedic culture viewed 108 as a number of the wholeness of existence. This number also connects the Sun, Moon, and Earth: The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. Such phenomena have given rise to many examples of ritual significance.

*traditionally, Buddhist have 108 mala beads, representing the 108 human passions that Avalokiteshvara assumed when telling the beads. This number ensures a repetition of a sacred mantra at least 100 times, the extra beads allowing for any omissions made through absentmindness in counting or for loss or breakage of beads. by gyrlbrett